Glencom, inc. Satellite communication and software development experts.

Designers and Manufacturers of High Performance, Low Cost
RF/Microwave Systems and Sub-systems

Expertise includes:

• Low Phase Noise Frequency Synthesizers
• Up-Converters and Down-Converters
• Modulators and Demodulators
• Tuners
• CATV Sub-Systems
• Satellite Transmit and Receive Sub-Systems
• DC to 15 GHz
• Specification Development and Custom Design Capability
• Extensive Low Cost Design for Manufacture Capability

Glencom, inc. Corporate Headquaters in Glen Arbor Michigan
Serving the commercial and consumer electronics industry
with quality products since 1994
from our Corporate Headquarters in Glen Arbor, Michigan

PO Box 369 • 5955 South Oak Street • Glen Arbor • MI • 49636   Phone: 858-245-1874